I need a car for a few hours

Don’t we all sometimes? Whether we have a small errand to run in BTK or make that trip to Karachi that we’ve been putting off. Why not do it in the comfort of an airconditioned car with driver.

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Examples Approximate charges Remarks
I have to pick up my niece from the airport Rs 2,700 Round trip with 1 hour car waiting
I want to visit my aunt in Gulshan e Iqbal Rs 3,000 Round trip with 3 hours car waiting
I have some shopping I have to do in Saddar Rs 3,600 Round trip with 3 hours car waiting
I want to visit Imtiaz store in BTK for monthly shopping Rs 1,450 Round trip with 2 hours car waiting


  • Rs. 350 callout
  • Rs. 200 per each additional hour
  • Rs. 33 per km
  • Trips start from BTK and end in BTK.