I have a few clothes
that need mending and alteration

Those missing buttons, broken hooks, and zippers – we have them in our wardrobe. And most often they’re our favorite ones. A darn here, a stitch there; minor repair jobs that tailors would grimace at. And then there are those ill-fitting clothes that not just look shabby but can be uncomfortable. Specially with kids. Last year’s uniforms. Alteration and repair are cost-effective alternatives because these clothes may be too good to throw away or leave lying around.

Hint: Team up with your neighbors and split the processing cost.


  • We collect it from your door step and deliver back to your doorstep.
  • Rs. 500 charge covers logistics and handling for upto five (5) items.
  • Each additional item Rs. 50
  • Repair / alteration charges are extra as per tailor’s tarif
  • Please allow 72 hours after order collection for turn around.
Examples Approximate charges
Fitting Alteration Rs 200
Attach Sleeves For Readymade Garments Rs 200
Alteration Of Jeans, Trousers Waist/Length Rs 200
Gents Kurta/Shalwar Alteration Rs 200

1. Include 1 chit with each clothing item with clear instructions and attach it with a common pin.

2. Put clothing items in a shopper and hand them over to waila who will collect them from your doorstep.

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